Services for pharmacy owners:


Specialized & Trained delivery drivers:

Pharmacia2go's delivery driver marketplace provides pharmacies with reliable and trained drivers who specialize in prescription delivery. Our marketplace ensures that you have access to a wide range of delivery drivers who are equipped to handle the specific needs of prescription delivery, ensuring that your customers receive their medications on time and with the highest level of service.

With home delivery pharmacy services, customers can receive their medications right at their doorstep, without having to visit the pharmacy.

We offer pharmacy delivery to home, with options for 24-hour, same-day, and emergency delivery.

Our specialized drivers are trained to handle pet medication delivery and vet delivery.

Pharmacia2go also provides a range of pharmacy medicine delivery services, including prescription delivery, prescription pick up and delivery, and medication delivery for independent pharmacies.

With instant pharmacy delivery, online pharmacy delivery, and pharmacy same day delivery options, customers can get their medication quickly and easily.

We also offer prescription medication delivery and medicine delivery for those who require ongoing medication.

Pharmacy Online platform

Our innovative platform streamlines the prescription delivery fulfillment process, saving time and improving accuracy for pharmacies.

Our proprietary software can provide a range of benefits, including a client management system and automated payment collection solutions. Our platform also includes picture confirmation, online signature, and tracking so you can rest assured that the right medication is delivered to the right person.

Delivery Driver technology:

Pharmacia2go's delivery driver platform uses a unique route optimizer to save time during deliveries, ensuring that your customers receive their medications quickly and efficiently. Our platform also allows for real-time tracking and confirmation of orders via picture and signature, providing peace of mind to both the pharmacy and the customer.

Pharmacy Online platform

Technology For Courier Services:

Technology for courier businesses wishing to provide prescription delivery:

Attention courier services: Are you looking to enhance your prescription delivery services? Take advantage of our innovative platform, which streamlines the fulfillment process and saves time for pharmacies.

Our software includes a client management system, automated payment collection solutions, and picture confirmation, online signature, and tracking for added security.

Our delivery driver platform also utilizes a unique route optimizer to ensure efficient and timely deliveries, providing a better experience for your customers.

At Pharmacia2go, our goal is to make it easy and convenient for customers to get their medication when they need it, with prescriptions delivered to your door. Pharmacia2go offers specialized pharmaceutical delivery services for pharmacies, pet pharmacies, and their customers across North America.