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Welcome to Pharmacia2go

Optimizing prescription delivery fulfillment process.

We work with healthcare providers to provide specialized personnel and aim to offer innovative solutions that enhance patient outcomes and reduce expenses.

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Specialized technology for pharmacies

Same day delivery & real-time tracking

Pharmacia2go leverages technology to optimize the prescription delivery fulfillment process, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and speed while lowering costs and minimizing errors. They prioritize patient safety and regulatory compliance, collaborate with healthcare providers, and offer innovative solutions, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who we are

Pharmacia2go is a Canadian technology-driven online platform that specializes in prescription delivery services. We optimize the delivery process, hire specialized personnel, collaborate with healthcare providers, and ensure regulatory compliance. We prioritize patient safety, including during the COVID-19 pandemic, and strive to provide innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.


Our Mission

At Pharmacia2go, our mission is to revolutionize the prescription delivery industry by providing an innovative, technology-driven platform that optimizes the delivery process, ensures patient safety and satisfaction, and reduces costs for both pharmacies and patients. We aim to be the leading provider of specialized prescription delivery services in Canada, leveraging our expertise and partnerships to develop new solutions that meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Our goal is to help pharmacies provide high-quality, personalized care to their patients, while streamlining their operations and maximizing efficiency.


Our Vision

Our vision at Pharmacia2go is to transform the prescription delivery experience for patients and pharmacies alike. We aim to become the go-to platform for prescription delivery services in North America, leveraging cutting-edge technology and specialized personnel to provide a seamless and efficient experience for our customers. We envision a future where prescription delivery is fast, safe, and hassle-free, with a focus on patient outcomes and satisfaction. We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement, and to working collaboratively with healthcare providers and other stakeholders to drive positive change in the industry.

Our Values

Our Values

At Pharmacia2go, we are guided by a set of core values that define who we are and how we operate. We believe in putting patients first, prioritizing their safety, satisfaction, and health outcomes above all else. We value innovation, constantly striving to develop new and better ways to deliver prescription medications and improve the patient experience. We are committed to collaboration, working closely with healthcare providers, pharmacies, and other stakeholders to drive positive change in the industry. We believe in integrity, transparency, and ethical behavior, and strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all our interactions. Finally, we are driven by a passion for excellence, constantly pushing ourselves to achieve the highest levels of performance and to deliver outstanding results for our customers.

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Our services

Providing your pharmacy with reliable, effective and affordable delivery service

Pharmacy Owners

Services for Pharmacy Owners:

  • Specialized and trained delivery drivers for prescription delivery.
  • Home delivery pharmacy services including 24-hour, same-day, and emergency delivery.
  • Delivery options for pet medication and vet delivery.
  • Pharmacy medicine delivery services including prescription delivery, pick-up and delivery, and medication delivery for independent pharmacies.
  • Innovative platform for streamlining the prescription delivery fulfillment process.
  • Picture confirmation, online signature, and tracking for secure and accurate medication delivery.
  • Delivery driver technology with a unique route optimizer for efficient and timely deliveries.
  • Prescription medication and ongoing medicine delivery options.

Technology For Courier Services:

  • Innovative platform for enhancing prescription delivery services.
  • Client management system and automated payment collection solutions.
  • Picture confirmation, online signature, and tracking for added security.
  • Delivery driver technology with a unique route optimizer for efficient and timely deliveries.
  • Opportunities to provide specialized pharmaceutical delivery services for pharmacies and pet pharmacies across North America.
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